For the Love of Tobi

All about that chunky turtleneck!

Hey my sassy loves.  Happy Monday!  Kind of an oxymoron right?  Happy and Monday……they don’t seem to go well together.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I feel like the weekend flew by just like most other weekends.  With homework and cleaning and homework and cooking and homework, I feel like the weekend wasn’t even here.  Friday night I look Joey (my butta boy) to the store to finally get NBA 2K18 and the stores legit have Christmas stuff out.  How is this even possible.  I am still in denial that the summer is over.

So today I am sharing a few pieces from Tobi.  If you haven’t shopped at Tobi you are certainly missing out.  There is nothing better than finding chic, classic and trendy pieces that don’t break the bank.

First is this amazing chunky knit turtleneck.  I swear this is my absolute favorite.  Not only is the turtleneck super chunky but the back is completely open.  It just oozes sexy and chic.  If you love the turtleneck but not the open back, it looks great with a blazer over it as well.  For all my working gals, a pair of slacks, this chunky knit and a blazer would look super sharp (yup, I said sharp).  I paired it with my favorite cropped jeans but, would love great with skinny jeans too. This sweater is currently on sale for only $21.

Jeans: J. Crew

Bag: BP – Nordstrom (only $26)

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Heels: Ann Taylor

So I know many of you are wondering, how in the hell do you wear a bra with this? Well my friends, you can’t. However, you can wear a backless bra (only $11), which will hope your babies up perfectly.

Softest cardi ever!!!

Next, is this over-sized knit cardi. Have you ever purchased something you wish you had two of; one to sleep in and one to wear out?  Well loves, this is one of those times.  This cardi is beyond soft! If you have followed for awhile, you know I love pockets.  I paired it with a pair of flared jeans but I have also worn it to work with a pair of black pants.  Its my ‘go-to’ piece right now and I have a feeling it will be my ‘go-to’ piece all fall/winter long.

Jeans: Paige Denim

Shoes: 1. State

Belt: Ann Taylor

Necklace: SugarFix

It’s another piece in your closet you can wear with jeans or to work with pants.  That’s the best thing about Tobi, you can find so many versatile pieces that work for both work and play.  This cardi is currently on sale for…….{enter drumroll}…..$22!!!!  The holidays are coming up and this cardi would make for such a great gift for your mom, sister or friend.

Last, but certainly not least is this open back sweater.  It has a halter neck and the back is completely open.  So, I think we will keep this one out of the office for now ladies 🙂  But we can definitely wear this for our date night or just a fun night out on the town with your girlfriends. This sweater looks great with jean (skinny or flared) and also looks great with a pair of pants.   This little number is only

Boots: Steve Madden

Bag: Gucci

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Jeans: Paige Denim

Earrings: SugarFix (similar)

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Definitely check out Tobi for trendy and chic clothes at amazing prices.  And everything is on major sale!  50% off!!!

Click the links below to get to each of the pieces I’ve shared:

Cute Berry Cardigan

Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater 

Evana Halter Sweater

Hope y’all have a great Monday!!!


All About that Bag Borrow or Steal

Well ya’ll, its that time of the year again…..{enter drum roll} Back to School time.  I can honestly say I am excited.  Along with ‘back to school’ time comes homework, back to school night, clubs, sports, etc.  Not to mention Halloween and all the other fun holidays that are right around the corner.  Before we know it, we will start seeing Christmas decorations.  So yes, I am excited about this time of the year.  I also have a bunch of fun adult activities planned this season.  Several weddings and a surprise birthday party for a dear friend.  As most of my fellow mamas can understand, its not very often we get a night out (homework and child free).  So, when I get the chance, I go all in.  I put on my best outfit, take more than 5 minutes to do my hair, add a little makeup and of course, grab my best bag!!

Over the past year or so, I have been obsessed with Bag Borrow or Steal . When I have something planned, or even when I just want to roll around town with an amazing bag, I turn to Bag Borrow or Steal.  Just like the name, you can literally ‘borrow’ a bag or buy a bag at a price that’s a ‘steal.’ Weather you are going to your high school or college reunion, a wedding or even a blind date, what woman doesn’t have to have a fabulous bag by her side?  “On the side of every fabulous woman is a fabulous bag”…. isn’t that the correct saying? Ha!!! Last month, I went with the Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour Tote.  I was in love with it.  For an entire 30 days.  I didn’t want to give it back.  All bags are sent to you in ‘like new’ conditions.

Below are some of the amazing bags you can borrow from Bag Borrow or Steal. Prices range from $75-$475.

If you are looking to invest in a bag or accessories (sunglasses, scarfs, wallets, etc), Bag Borrow or Steal has something for everyone at every price point.  Below are a few of the items I would love to have in my closet.

Bag Borrow or Steal has become a site I frequent more than once a week.  I even have it bookmarked on my computer.  Its the perfect addition to my retail love affair.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



*Thank you to Bag Borrow or Steal for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

The Maxi Dress

Obsessing over this maxi!!

Hey y’all!  Well first, let’s get the large and unusual yellow elephant off the table.  I know I haven’t posted in months and months and months. But that’s the past.   I am here now and so excited to be back.  To all my mom readers out there, you know what I mean when I say, I just couldn’t find the time.  I mean between work (my daytime job) and being a mom (homework and dinner and baseball and karate….I could keep going), I just couldn’t find the time.  When I had a second, all I wanted to do was close my  eyes.  We all know that didn’t happen either.

So I am back and in full effect.  Talking about the best of the best…the maxi dress.  Yes, jeans are great and my closet is filled with them but the maxi dress is one of the best things about ‘summa summa summa time!’ On those super hot sunny days, when you are sweating in places you didn’t even know existed, there is nothing better than a maxi dress.  You know those days where you are just praying the wind will blow in a certain direction so your dress will flow and blow some air under it.  haha (hey, I said it but you know you think it).  It’s the one thing that is loose and flowy, yet still has all the sexiness it needs.


This maxi I am wearing is ah-maz-ing!!!!  It claims to be a cover-up which is fine and dandy however, I am choosing it as a regular, ‘throw on and go ‘dress. I have flip-flops on but it looks amazing with heels and wedges too.  The best part ever is {begin drum roll},  this maxi has pockets!!!  If you  are like me, a dress with pockets is an automatic win for sure!!

My tote is under $50 and I am loving it.  Always love a big tote that I can fit my life into.

Tote comes in black, white and red!


Tote: Target

Sunnies: Quay Australia

On another note, the past few years, when it is super hot outside, I have been sweating under my boobs.   I am like ‘WTF” is happening?  Why the hell am I sweating under my boobs? I mean really? It’s almost as embarrassing as when you first have a baby and you are out and about and look down to find….yup….your milk is leaking out.  I guess this is my life now.  I have under boob sweating.  Good lord.  I am assuming it is only going to get worse once menopause hits.  I tell ya, you would think women did something terrible in our previous lives to have to deal with some of the bullshit that happens with age.  Okay, so I have a hack! One of my many hacks but this is filed under ‘importante’!!!  I have a cure y’all.  I will share it now, and you can thank me later. Go to the drug store, get a stick of Palmers Coca Butter and simply rub a thin coat under the boob before getting dress.  That’s it!  It’s an absolute life saver!  Try it and let me know how it works.  You can thank me later my friends.

Okay, I really went off on a tangent. but it was important stuff!!  So back to maxi dresses.  I have picked out 20 of my favorite maxi dresses all UNDER $100 (most under $50)!


Below are a few of my other favorites between $100-$160.  Perfect for an afternoon wedding, cocktail party, etc. 


Thanks so much for stopping by.  Love you all!



The Sak Zinnia Hobo

I know I haven’t posted in the new year so, Happy New Years!! Hope you all had an amazing holiday.  I am back and what a way to start the new year than a brand new leather bag.  I am talking about this amazing leather bag from The Sak.  I remember when I got my first bag from The Sak.  My mother actually bought it for me and I was probably in 8th or 9th grade.  It was a brown crochet bag which I was absolutely in love with.  The Sak was amazing then and is amazing now.  They have so many great bags…leather and crochet.  The Sak also has  jewelry, wallets and iPhone cases.

One of my favorites from The Sak, is the The Sak Zinnia Hobo (in photos).  I just loved the color, the studs and of course the fringe tassel (slightly fringe obsessed). It comes in 3 other colors and is perfect for all seasons. The Sak Zinnia Hobo is the perfect bag for transitioning into Spring.  If you are like me, you are a woman on the go and everything you need for the day, is in your bag.  I have been carrying the bag everywhere.  What I love the most is, it is large enough to fit all of my essentials but it is not heavy.  It is a comfortable bag to carry.

With The Sak, you are given so many options.  Weather you are looking for a cross body bag, a tote, satchel or a wristlet…they have it all.  What I love best about The Sak is that the bags are unique.  When you are carrying one of their bags, you will always receive compliments on it.

Head over to my Instagram to check out the amazing giveaway I am hosting with The Sak. One of my followers will receive a bag in the color of their choice. Head over to my Instagram for all the deets.

As always, thank you for stopping by.


*Thank you to The Sak for sponsoring this post*

Bag Borrow or Steal: Just Gets Better and Better

So , Christmas is only 9 days away and I have only gotten 1 (yes, one) gift.  I am that person at the mall on the 24th (which happens to also be my birthday), still shopping and running around like a crazy person.  Then end up staying up until 3 or 4am to wrap everything.  I don’t know why I do it but no matter how hard I try, it happens every single year. I know their are others out there doing the same thing.  They may just not want to admit it.  Also, Yesterday, it was only 21 degrees outside.  Yes, 21 degrees.  It is insane how cold it has been here for the past few days. I mean its that cold where you don’t want to go anywhere or do anything but stay your ass in the house.  If you have a kid, then you know damn well you most likely will not just be sitting in your house hiding from the cold.  Its like kids cant feel the cold.  What in the world is up with that?

Well, I know I have talked about it before however, it is certainly worth talking about some more.  I am referring to my love of Bag Borrow or Steal (BBOS).  Do you remember back in the day when ‘Myspace’ first came out? For my younger ones, Myspace was just like facebook nut it was for people my age…haha.  Do you remember checking it multiple times a day as you may do now with Instagram, Facebook, Poshmark, etc?  Well, this is what BBOS has me doing.  I find myself checking it daily to see what new bags are in….for both to buy and/or borrow.  They have a ton of options.  You cant go wrong! It’s 2016 people!!  You know as well as I do that many people who are looking for a designer bag, would more likely go to a second hand site to purchase.  They even have preowned bags that are absolutely brand new…but discounted.

This Givenchy bag has my heart.  When it arrived, I kind of just stared at it for a long 3 minutes.  Its so beautiful and clean and goes with absolutely everything.  It looked brand new.  Just as if I had purchased it from a department store.  I choose this tan color since it was neutral and I could wear it with a variety of looks.

So, here is how BBOS works:  Head to their site, decide if you want to buy or borrow.  There are benefits to each and it is simply whatever your preference may be. If you choose to borrow which I have done several times, you will select your bag and it ships standard ground for free.  If you want it in a hurry for whatever reason, you can pay for expedite shipping.  You then have 30 days from the date the bag arrives to use it, love it, stare at it, etc. (haha).  Then a few days prior to the return date, you will get a reminder email about sending it back.  At that point you can choose to send it back or you can choose to rent it for another 30 days which I wouldn’t blame you if you did.

Here are a few of my favorites from Bag Borrow or Steal.

Today, they are having a massive sale.  30% off of buys AND borrows with the code “FREESHIP30”.  Its definitely something you want to check out.

Shop the look here:

Thanks for always stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend ya’ll.


*Thank you to Bag Borrow or Steal for sponsoring this post*


Cyber Monday


Hey yall!  Well, another day of sales.  Some say today is even better than Black Friday.  Who knows but I have found some amazing items.  They are perfect for yourself or for that special someone for the holidays.  All of the items are under $150 most under $100.  I mean Uggs for $55??? Cant beat that right?

Scroll through and see all of the amazing deals.

Below are all of the sales and their discount codes if needed.

Abercrombie & Fitch – 50% off the EVERYTHING

American Eagle – 50% off

Ann Taylor  – 50% off EVERYTHING with code CYBER50

ASOS – 30% off EVERYTHING with code THANKFUL30

Bag Borrow or Steal – 20%-80% off EVERYTHING

Banana Republic – 50% off EVERYTHING

Bauble Bar – 35% off 2 or more items with code SAVE35

Express – 50% off EVERYTHING

Ily Couture – 25% off with code GIFT25

J. Crew – 40% off EVERYTHING with code MONDAY

Loft – 50% off EVERYTHING

Public Desire – 30% off EVERYTHING with code CYBERSALE

Shopbop –  Code GOBIG16

Spend $200+ get 15% off, Spend $500+ get 20% off, Spend $800+ get 25% off

Sole Society – 30% off EVERYTHING

Steve Madden – 30% off and FREE SHIPPING with code CYBER

Tommy Hilfiger – 50% off  EVERYTHING with code CYBERGIFT50

Tory Burch – 30% off with code THANKS

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hope you have fun with all of these sales.  You have to admit, they are amazing.  I mean 50% off Tommy Hilfiger?  He never does that 🙂


Sales! Sales! More Sales!

Hi guys. Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. By the end of the night yesterday, I legit felt like a bloated tic. Ha. I could barely move. When I did move, I felt wobbly. And I may or may not have eaten a whole loaf of banana bread.

So, Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday is here. I am more of a Cyber Monday kind of gal as I think you can get some better sales then. However, today, my big and most important purchase was a Xbox One for my son for Christmas. I am lying. I also went onto Nordstrom’s site, and they are have some major sales.  Especially on shoes!!!! 

I wanted round up some of the amazing sales for today so you guys wouldn’t have to.

Abercrombie & Fitch – 50% off the EVERYTHING (only until noon)

AG Jeans – 30% off EVERYTHING with code BF16

American Eagle – 40% off EVERYTHING

Ann Taylor  – 50% off EVERYTHING

ASOS – 20% off EVERYTHING with code GOGOGO

Banana Republic – 50% off of 5 regularly priced items

Barneys – 40% off select designer items

Bauble Bar – 30% off purchase with code THANKS3o

Express – 50% off EVERYTHING (until noon then 40% off)

French Connection – 40% EVERYTHING with code F40BLF

Hollister Co. – 50% off EVERYTHING (until noon)

J. Crew – 40% off EVERYTHING with code HOLIDAY

Joes Jeans – 25% off with code THANKS25

Loft – 40% off EVERYTHING

Macy’s – 20% off EVERYTHING with code FEAST

Public Desire – 30% off EVERYTHING with code CYBER30

Shopbop –  Spend $200+ get 15% off

Spend $500+ get 20% off

Spend $800+, get 25% off

Sole Society – 30% off ALL shoes and bags + selected apparel and accessories

Steve Madden – 30% off with code BACKINBLACK

Tommy Hilfiger – 40% off  EVERYTHING with code TYTOMMY

Tory Burch – 30% off with purchase of $250+ with code THANKS

So, there you have it.  The amazing sales of today and most lasting through the weekend.  Now, time for me to shop some of these amazing sales. My goal this year is to finish my Christmas shopping by the first week in December.  Lets see if I can do it.

Happy Holidays everyone.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  You don’t know how much it means to me.  Don’t forget to follow along on Facebook and Bloglovin


















Shoes and Scarf Make Everthing Nice

This scarf....and these booties though...
This scarf….and these booties though…

I know its been awhile ya’ll.  I am finally back.  Can I first just say, I am sooooo happy its Friday!  Who’s with me?

We already know about my love affair….well, every woman’s love affair with shoes.  I don’t know what it is but a new sexy pair of heels can make you feel like a million bucks.  Even when you only spent $30. Read More About These Booties

A Good Ol Button Down


Its freaking Sunday already.  The weekend just flies by.  Just got in from my second experience with an ‘escape room.’  If you have not tried it, you must!!  I have been to two different ones.  The one my friends and I used today is here.  If you are in my area, definitely check it out.  And bring some wine!!! 🙂


In fashion news, there is nothing better than a button down, skinny jeans and boots.  Add a scarf and you’ve got yourself a classy yet sexy and chic look. You know I just LOVE me some clavicle action 🙂 So when I saw this, I said perrrrrfect.  Two of my favorite things: button down and off the shoulder.  Two for ones are just the best!  This has large cuffs so you can wear long as I have done, or you can roll them down.  The bottom is slightly longer so you can tie it up (as I have) or you can simply tuck it in for  more classic look.  This button down is under $15!!!! Yup….UNDER $15.  

*Pay attention to the measurement for size.  They are slightly off.  You will definitely have to size up.  




Top: c/o Shein

Jeans: Articles of Society (on major sale)

Boots: Aldo – linked similar here

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Wilsons Leather…One Stop Shop


There really isn’t any way to describe Wilsons Leather except to say, its the One Stop Shop for all of your leather AND non leather needs.  I mean, from leather jackets to pea coats to handbags, they have absolutely everything.  I am excited to partner with Wilson’s Leather today to show this amazing moto jacket.  I just have to say, I am obsessed.  I mean, moto jackets already add fresh, funky and chic to ANY look but the antique finish on this one takes the cake!!img_9939


A moto jacket is a closet staple for sure!!  There are several items every woman needs to have in her closet: an amazing blazer, a little black dress, the perfect white button down, plain black pumps and a leather moto jacket.  This Wilsons Leather brown moto jacket  is the perfect closet staple.  I have paired it with cuffed distressed jeans and heels.  It would also look amazing with a pencil skirt and sweater for work.



 I am also dying over this one and this one.

Shoes, bags and coats/jackets are the pieces you invest in.  Spending a little more on a coat that will last you for many years, is a great investment and in the long run, worth every single dollar. Wilsons Leather has SO many different options of coats/jackets in leather, wool, faux fur and more! Additionally, they sell brands like Kenneth Cole and Andrew Marc.  They also sell some of the best accessories like handbags, scarves and shoes. As I said earlier…the ultimate One Stop Shop!!!

Wilsons Leather is currently having an ah-mazing Halloween sale! 75% off select styles and 50% off EVERYTHING else plus free shipping on orders of $50+ with the code “SCARY”. 







*I received this product courtesy of Wilsons Leather, however, all opinions are entirely my own

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