Bag Borrow or Steal? Yes Please!


Hey y’all.  So I have this little tiny secret.  Actually, it really huge and awesome and when I tell you, I think you will think so too.  There is a place, where you can get the bag of your dreams, without dipping into your kids college tuition money and when you get tired of it, you can send it back and be done….or rent another:)


I will pause and let you think about all this amazingness (I know, its not a word).

So, its called Bag Borrow or Steal or BBOS if you will.  Have you heard of it?  I don’t know about you but I love the idea of being able to change things up a little bit.  Well, BBOS is the perfect fix for me and any of you ladies out there who are feeling the same way.  They have hundreds of new bags and you can actually borrow them for 30 days at a super reasonable price.  Then, if your still in love with it, you can renew your rental automatically or you can send it back.  Its that easy.  If your like me, you forget things very easily just because you have so much on your mind. Well, BBOS sends you a reminder email when its time to ship back.



They have everything from Louis Vuitton and Chanel to Alexander Wang and Fendi.  If you have a special event to go to…your best friends wedding, special vacation, your 20 year high school reunion (to which you have to be all things fabulous of course) or just want to have a fabulous bag for the month and not ready to commit to that $3,000 bag you’ve been eyeing, then BBOS is all you babes.

Below are a few of my favorite bags listed on Bag Borrow or Steal and all are available for rent.



So, if you ARE ready to commit to that $3,000 bag you’ve been eyeing than Bag Borrow or Steal is still for YOU.  They not only have bags to rent, but they have bag to buy too.  Hence, the ‘Steal’ in Bag Borrow or Steal. They have some amazing pre-loved bags at even more amazing prices.  Honestly, in this day and age, most people I know are looking for deals on pre-loved bags instead of paying full price in the department stores.  Often times, its just not worth it when you can get the same bag in brand new condition for 40% + off.

Below are a few of my favorite bags listed on Bag Borrow or Steal and all are currently for sale.

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