Belle of the Ball…Or Something Like That


Hey y’all…happy Friday.  I couldn’t be more happy its Friday. Not only is it my favorite day of the week, especially after 5pm, but I am excited about this weekends plans.  I know y’all working mama’s out there can relate.  You are so busy during the week with work and kid activities, that when the weekend comes and you have something planned, nothing else is more exciting.  We are definitely getting in a beach day tomorrow.  Its still extremely hot so we want to soak up the sun as much as we can before the cold weather comes.  This week/weekend is NYFW and although I was invited to 8 shows (yes!!! 8), I was not able to make it to the city for this fabulousness.  I was excited to see the shows and to meet up with a few of the amazing women I have met since I’ve started blogging.   I cant tell you how many amazing women I have met through Instagram and being a blogger wanna be (but I don’t like being called a blogger).  That being said, I have also met some not so nice people.  I mean this industry is kind of brutal.  Some women seem to always have competition on their minds instead of just seeing another woman who is doing the same thing and linking up. Prior to this, I have heard some crazy stories and just thought people were exaggerating.  Well, let me tell you, they are absolutely NOT exaggerating.  A few weeks ago, I asked someone a question about collaborating with a particular company and the response I received was, ‘Well, you will just have to find out on your own.’  I think I read the message about 50 times over before I realized, yes, this is what she said.   I mean really?  If I have information, I get so pumped to share it with other women.  I cant get upset though, that is their own insecurities I guess. Needless to say, I am still excited and again, have met so many amazing women during this process.  Look, I am simply doing this for fun.  I am not doing it for money or fame or anything like that.  I simply wanted an outlet to express myself and my love of fashion.  So the few rude people I have met who think way too much of themselves, can really just take a seat.


Now, to more important things like this off the shoulder topAs you know, I am obsessed with off the shoulder tops.  I shared in my post herewhy I love OTS tops.  This one is another great find under $20 (definitely size up in this top and pay close attention to sizing).  If you haven’t noticed, bell sleeves are all the trend.  I just think they add such a sex touch to any blouse, sweater, etc.  This top is slightly longer in the back so you can pair it with jeans or leggings and a high boot.  I paired them with skinny jeans AND my favorite girlfriend jeans (currently on sale, buy 1 get one for $29.90).  


I will easily be wearing this top into the fall. Yes, its off the shoulder but with some tights/leggings and OTK boots like these or  these, this top will work out perfectly.

Outfit details:

Below, I am sharing a few of my favorite tops, some are summer and some for fall but one thing they all are is….affordable!!  Don’t forget to pay close attention to the sizing.  If you have questions about the sizing, let me know.  I am happy to help.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by.  I know life can be crazy sometimes, so I am so happy you took the time to get a little sassy.

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