Fall 2016 ‘Must Haves’

Off the shoulder can be carried right into the fall.
Off the shoulder can be carried right into the fall.

Well, its that time again for cooler temps, blanket scarfs, sweaters, over the knee boots and OF COURSE, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (although I am a pretty basic bitch with my Triple Venti White Chocolate Mochas). If you have followed my Instagram, you will know that I am a beach bum. I am at the beach pretty much ALL SUMMER long.  Well, as often as I can being a full time working mother of a really popular 8 year old.  We spend most of our weekend at the beach with friends, laying out, swimming, jet skiing and tubing.  Some of our best summer memories are on the beach.  I was born, raised and will probably die at the beach.  I guess my love of the beach is what really kept me here in New Jersey as all my friends were leaving the state.  I lucked out having a child who loves it just as much as I do.  In this next week and a half we are trying to get in as much beach time as possible. So with this love of the beach, signs of cooler weather make me cringe.  The thought of having to bundle up with triple and quadruple layers is not as exciting as it sounds {enter eye roll emoji}.  With that being said, I am in LOVE with fall fashion.  Yes, I love my jeans, tanks and open toed shoes but I am loving off the shoulder sweaters, over the knee boots and blanket scarfs just as much as the next.

I really cant get enough of this off the shoulder trend


Shopping for fall is so exciting.  I especially love shopping for my 8 year old.  Most times more than I love shopping for me. Again, I truly lucked out having a child who loves to shop.  I went onto the Nordstrom site yesterday and went ‘HAM’…or ‘bananas’…or whatever the cool kids are saying these days (my 8 year old claims its ‘the jam’).  So again, I went onto the Nordstrom site yesterday and it was ‘my jam.’  Nope…doesn’t even sound right.  I will stick with…I was so excited.  So many amazing sweaters and coats, scarves and boots. 



So, I figured with many of us transitioning into fall, I would share some of these amazing finds (most of the items are in my cart or currently on their way to my closet).  I even went ‘HAM,’ I mean was so excited with the fall children’s section.  I hope you enjoy my picks. I cant wait to style them.

Last years boots from Chinese Laundry
Last years boots from Chinese Laundry

One of the best things about fall….boots.  Doesn’t matter if they are booties, peep toe booties or over the knew boots, they are the BEST accessory for cool weather.  Check out these…all from Nordstrom:


As for sweaters; Well I am kind of obsessed about the off the shoulder sweater (wearing above)trend that will be carried right into the fall, which I could not be more please about.  I mean the ability to show just enough skin for a little sexy yet NOT freeze your ass off?  I will take it!!!  Check out these sweaters… included a variety of different sweaters.


Annnnnd then, another favorite of mine….jackets/coats/vests.  Vests have been a closet staple for the past several years. Again, if you have followed my Instagram you will know I have multiple vests and I wear them year round.  The absolute best is when you can purchase something that you can wear practically all year round.  Below are a few of my favorites.  Some for fall and some best for the dead of winter.  Even saying the word ‘winter’ made me slightly chilly. 

Finally, here are a few of the amazing things for fall that I purchased for my 8 year old son.  I also threw in a few little girls things that were just too cute to pass up. I may have to buy them for my niece.  Who can resist little girls clothes.  They are just so damn cute!!


Who is going to NYFW?  I will be there for a few shows and would love to meet some of my readers or other fashion lovers (you know I don’t like the word ‘blogger’)!

Thanks so much for stopping by again.

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