Obsessed with this bell sleeve blouse!
Obsessed with this bell sleeve blouse!

Hey Y’all.  Happy Memorial Day.

I am finally here.  Finally!!! After years of loving all things fashion, outfits, designers and merchandising.  I am finally here.  After years of getting the side eye from people closest to me when I obsess about a sale or Nordstroms triple point days or the new bag I HAVE TO HAVE!  I am finally here.  Having a fashion blog entered my mind about 6-7 years ago but it would quickly be replaced with the normal everyday hustles.  My full time jobs, motherhood and working in reentry were first and foremost.  Of course taking care of my baby boy was priority over everything.  My day time job as the director of a parole reentry center was second, as I needed to survive.  But something was missing.  An outlet I guess you could say.  Something that was mine.  My hobbies all involved fashion or clothing of some sort.  However, no one really got it.  My manfriend gets/got it but he just ‘gets me’…all of me (we will save that topic for a later blog post).

It took me a while to realize I REALLY CAN do anything I want to do.  Yes my son and my career come first, but….and that’s a HUGE ‘but’…..I need my happiness too!!! So, here it is.  My other little baby.  I have worked on this blog, deleted things, added them back and deleted them again.  I did this over and over again for quite sometime.  I was so scared.  Scared to say, ‘I have a blog.’  It was a scary feeling.  I have been successful at pretty much everything I have set my mind too (except marriage but again…for another post…maybe ha!).  I guess I was a bit scared this would not be successful.  Then I realized, I am not doing this for anyone else but ME!!! This is for me to love and enjoy and if I can make a few friends and/or followers in the process than that will be the cherry on top of the extra whipped cream (always need to get extra whipped).

I am going to try my best to post at least 4 times a week.  Saying I would be posting everyday would just be a damn lie and who wants to start off a new relationship with lies.  I will be talking all things fashion, life, motherhood, full time working mom stuff and the ups and downs of life.


Sharing with you this amazing white blouse.  I honestly have been searching for the perfect white blouse for so so long.  I wanted one that wasn’t stiff and could be worn with jeans or a skirt.  This Free People blouse is just that.  Perfect!! Its super comfy and soft and has these amazing belle sleeves which add a touch of femininity to it.


Photographs by Manfriend

Blouse: Free People

Pink bag: Rebecca Minkoff larger size on sale here

Skinny jeans: Nordstrom

Nude Sandals : Target