Just Another Off the Shoulder Sweater…

img_8517Hey y’all. Well, it’s Thursday morning which means we have two more working days until this weekend. Work has been an absolute nightmare lately preparing for our corporate annual audit. I’ve been with my company for over 7 years and every single year, I stress beyond belief when preparing for our audit. I know it’s crazy because we can only do what we can do. Then everything else, well, it just HAS to be okay!! Being a perfectionist doesn’t help with this as I want EVERYTHING perfect. Not to mention my annual bonus is based off of this audit. I’m noticing that there are many people who do not have the same work ethic as I do.  I mean, it almost seems as if they don’t car about their jobs. I’ve never seen so many people care less about work. Calling out whenever, not doing their work, missing deadlines. I mean it’s a hot hell of a mess and it drives me crazy. I don’t like writing people up but I mean come people…get it together. For those of y’all who really do care about your careers and have a great work ethic, well than ‘high hand touch’ to you ✋


img_8478So enough of that! Let’s talk about this sweater. I am literally obsessed. I had the green one (seen here) and just had to get another color. It’s so comfy and sexy with the off the shoulder drape. I’m going to be so bummed when off the shoulder is no longer the jam because I am just obsessed with it and probably won’t stop wearing it. This sweater comes in 4 colors (white, green, blue and maroon). I need them all.

I was seriously jammin to the music. This is my ‘jammin face…’

img_8459Plus I have to say, we had so much fun shooting this. The above two shots were when a car drove by blasting their music. I was in ‘mid booty shake’ mode. Haha. Never miss an opportunity to dance. I mean, can I get an amen? So, I am wearing my favorite distressed skinny jeans and these boots from Aldo. They are from last season but they are so comfy that I refuse to get another pair of black over the knee boots. However, I have linked similar ones here and here.



This sweater looks great with anything: shorts, skinny jeans, flares, boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans, a skirt…even overalls for that matter.  Its so flattering to any body style.  As you know from previous posts, I have put on a few pounds. This sweater still makes me feel a little sexy.  And we know feeling sexy always feels great right ladies?

Really obsessed with this sweater. I need in every color.
Really obsessed with this sweater. I need in every color.

I am linking several options of places to purchase the sweater.  I am also linking my skinny jeans and sunnies.  If you want to see similar options for the boots, please click above where I spoke about the boots.

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