Shoes and Scarf Make Everthing Nice

This scarf....and these booties though...
This scarf….and these booties though…

I know its been awhile ya’ll.  I am finally back.  Can I first just say, I am sooooo happy its Friday!  Who’s with me?

We already know about my love affair….well, every woman’s love affair with shoes.  I don’t know what it is but a new sexy pair of heels can make you feel like a million bucks.  Even when you only spent $30.  These booties are on sale for less than $30 and I promise you all the sass and chicness you can imagine once you put them on.  Oh, and they are really comfortable.  I live in South Jersey, a little outside of Atlantic City.  Our mall is horrendous.  Man friend and I usually take days trips 2 or 3 times a month to the Cherry Hill mall because it has EVERY store you can possible think of.  Well, I wore these booties for an entire shopping day and not once did I complain about my feet.



Next, lets talk about this scarf!  I am in LOVE!  Honestly, before I had my son, I rarely wore scarves.  You’re probably thinking ‘what the hell does having a kid have to do with scarves?’  Well, I will tell you.  After you have a kid, you are no longer going out the house with just your purse.  You are going out the house with a suitcase, a kid, some toys, etc.  For me, it was so much easier to not wear a jacket.  Instead, I would throw on a sweater and a scarf and it would keep me as warm as I needed to be.  Now, I am officially obsessed and MUST visit the scarf section at any store I go into. This scarf can be worn three ways: as you would wrap a normal square scarf, as a shawl (as shown in first photo) and as a wrap (shown in below two photos).  This scarf also comes in a black/white color.

Booties : c/o My Shoe Bazar (use code MYSB20R for 20% off)

Scarf: Nordstrom – Collection XIIX

Sweater: Nordstrom – Love By Design (Just fully restocked and comes in black too)





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Happy Friday and I hope you all have an amazing weekend!