Sleeveless Trench


Obsessed with sleeveless trench coats or should I just say vests.  It all started when I bought a double breasted khaki vest from  Ann Taylor a few years ago.  I wore it as a dress, as it was intended. That was until I gain a little weight and then this fabulous khaki dress with leather trim just wouldn’t button.  So, I wore it as a vest.  Which was a huge success.  Everywhere I wore it, I received compliments and questions.  Then, when I tell people it is really a dress, the look on their face is usually similar to the look on ones face when you go to sit in a friends car and there is just SHIT everywhere and you are thinking how to tell them, you would rather walk.  Click here and here to see the dress turned vest.  I love it.  So, since then, I have bought several including one wool vest (seen here) that I am absolutely in love with.  So, the collection keep getting larger and larger.  With cooler temps in the near future, when I saw this sleeveless trench, I just knew I had to have it.  Its not heavy or bulky, its perfect over a tank top (like this) or your favorite turtleneck (like this).



Now, y’all know I LOVE finding great deals!  Well, here is another one for you.  This sleeveless trench is under $25!!!!!!!!  Yup!  Under $25.  You just can’t beat that deal.  $25 for the trench, that leaves more money to buy shoes….or a bag….or SHOES and a BAG!!!!


Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  Below, you can shop my exact look along with a few other fall favorites. Follow me on Bloglovin’


Bag Borrow or Steal – Louis Vuitton Bag

Sleeveless Trench c/o Shein

Jeans – Express (low in stock) – Similar

Tank – Free People

Heels – Target – Similar


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