The Maxi Dress

Obsessing over this maxi!!

Hey y’all!  Well first, let’s get the large and unusual yellow elephant off the table.  I know I haven’t posted in months and months and months. But that’s the past.   I am here now and so excited to be back.  To all my mom readers out there, you know what I mean when I say, I just couldn’t find the time.  I mean between work (my daytime job) and being a mom (homework and dinner and baseball and karate….I could keep going), I just couldn’t find the time.  When I had a second, all I wanted to do was close my  eyes.  We all know that didn’t happen either.

So I am back and in full effect.  Talking about the best of the best…the maxi dress.  Yes, jeans are great and my closet is filled with them but the maxi dress is one of the best things about ‘summa summa summa time!’ On those super hot sunny days, when you are sweating in places you didn’t even know existed, there is nothing better than a maxi dress.  You know those days where you are just praying the wind will blow in a certain direction so your dress will flow and blow some air under it.  haha (hey, I said it but you know you think it).  It’s the one thing that is loose and flowy, yet still has all the sexiness it needs.


This maxi I am wearing is ah-maz-ing!!!!  It claims to be a cover-up which is fine and dandy however, I am choosing it as a regular, ‘throw on and go ‘dress. I have flip-flops on but it looks amazing with heels and wedges too.  The best part ever is {begin drum roll},  this maxi has pockets!!!  If you  are like me, a dress with pockets is an automatic win for sure!!

My tote is under $50 and I am loving it.  Always love a big tote that I can fit my life into.

Tote comes in black, white and red!


Tote: Target

Sunnies: Quay Australia

On another note, the past few years, when it is super hot outside, I have been sweating under my boobs.   I am like ‘WTF” is happening?  Why the hell am I sweating under my boobs? I mean really? It’s almost as embarrassing as when you first have a baby and you are out and about and look down to find….yup….your milk is leaking out.  I guess this is my life now.  I have under boob sweating.  Good lord.  I am assuming it is only going to get worse once menopause hits.  I tell ya, you would think women did something terrible in our previous lives to have to deal with some of the bullshit that happens with age.  Okay, so I have a hack! One of my many hacks but this is filed under ‘importante’!!!  I have a cure y’all.  I will share it now, and you can thank me later. Go to the drug store, get a stick of Palmers Coca Butter and simply rub a thin coat under the boob before getting dress.  That’s it!  It’s an absolute life saver!  Try it and let me know how it works.  You can thank me later my friends.

Okay, I really went off on a tangent. but it was important stuff!!  So back to maxi dresses.  I have picked out 20 of my favorite maxi dresses all UNDER $100 (most under $50)!


Below are a few of my other favorites between $100-$160.  Perfect for an afternoon wedding, cocktail party, etc. 


Thanks so much for stopping by.  Love you all!