The Moto Jacket


The good ol moto jacket.  A closet staple for the past, lord knows how many years.  The moto jacket is just a symbol of bad assness.  Now, if you’ve been following me for awhile you know I like to make up words.  Today, the word is ‘assness’ and that’s because we are talking about the moto jacket.  I have several and love them with everything.  My favorite way to wear a moto jacket is with skinny jeans or flared jeans, an amazing scarf and the moto.  You cant beat that look.  It is always fierce to death.



I decided to pair this moto jacket with an all black look; pencil skirt and a mock turtleneck.  I wore this to work.  Obvi took off the jacket but rocked it when I wasn’t sitting at my desk.  I got so many compliments on it.  Its hard to find a GOOD moto jacket that has a great cut and looks amazing.



The best thing about this moto jacket is, the collar comes off and you can wear as a plain black moto jacket (see below).

img_8289So ultimately you are getting two in one with this moto jacket.  You will not be disappointed.


Moto Jacket – here and here

Pencil Skirt – here (currently price matched)

Mock Turtleneck – here

Loubs – sold out but similar here

Cuff Denim – sold out but identical here

Below, I have gathered up a few of my favorite moto jackets of this season at all price points.

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