Wide legs and stripes and ruffles… Oh my


Yesterday was like one of those days where you think your on candid camera.  I mean someone is somewhere watching me just laughing.  Spilled coffee on my outfit, dropped a gallon of milk and burned my tongue on my extra hot White Chocolate Mocha.  Its days like that I have learned to just laugh at myself.  My dad always says, “don’t sweat the small stuff.  And its ALL small stuff.”  So, I changed my clothes, cleaned up the milk, and drank a lot of cold water to help my tongue.  All while listening to Lauryn Hill and laughing at all of this so called ‘small stuff’. I did however, have an awesome day on my second graders class trip to the zoo.  A day in the sun with friends? What beats that?

In the summer, I am always looking for comfortable looks.  My hormones are ever changing and the summer heat can cause a sister to sweat like a hooker in church.  If you have followed my Instagram, you know that I have a small (super big) obsession with wide legs.  Wide leg jeans or pants…it doesn’t matter. They are all amazing.  Wide legs make someone that is on the shorter side look taller and makes a tall person look even taller.  They also make you look extra lean which is one of my most favorite things especially when I still have a little baby weight (ha)!

I can’t get enough of these Bar II wide leg pants . They are so soft and definitely have an affordable price point.  They are currently on sale for under $40 (with another 20% off with the code SUMMER).  You can’t beat that for year round pants.  They have the cutest little pleats on the top front.  When I wear wide legs, I try to pair them with a top that is somewhat fitted.  This ruffle top I pair with them looks amazing with skinny jeans and stilettos too.  Lets face it…its better to shop for pieces we can pair with multiple things.  These two pieces are perfect for just that.


Pants: BAR III

Shirt: Bar III (3 other colors too!)

Shoes: Target (3 other colors too!)